Saturday, February 10, 2007


In this engaging ebook, Jay de Leon traces his martial arts journey from the karate clubs in the Philippines to the dojos of the United States. As the title suggests, you will be afforded an intimate glimpse of the dojos as well as the colorful taskmasters who presided over these dojos.

Along the way, you will meet many storied martial arts personages, the famous as well as the not-so-famous, the respected as well as the controversial, the sainted as well as the derided. You will be provided insights into varied personalities and organizations such as Bob Wall (of “Enter the Dragon” fame), Remy Presas, Parker kenpo, Modern Arnis, FrontSight Firearms Training Institute, and many more.

As an added bonus if you purchase this book, you will also get a second ebook entitled “Eskrimology.” It is a compendium of articles that Jay has written over the past years on martial arts and martial entertainment. Some of these articles have been published in various online magazines such as World Black Belt and FMA Digest, while others are new and never before published.

For a while now, his ebook “Mindanao Jottings” has been enjoying modest readership. It recounts Jay’s experiences in rebel-infested Mindanao while running a road construction company in the early 1970’s. A few have described it as a very revealing and moving book, as well as a historical window into that era.

The bonus book is “Philippine Odyssey 2006” which chronicles Jay’s trip to the Philippines in June and July 2006. His experiences included attending the 3rd World Filipino Martial Arts Festival 2006 and the Remy Presas Memorial Training Camp, the Bakbakan Filipino Martial Arts Invitational Tournament, as well as business, family and sight-seeing trips to various parts of the Philippines.

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