Friday, January 05, 2007


The committee of Masters and Grand Masters belonging to the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL, recently conferred to make a very unique kind of presentation which was awarded to the legendary Filipino martial artist, GM Ciriaco ‘Cacoy’ Canete.

GM Canete has been practicing the Filipino martial arts since 1924, and ever since this epic martial arts journey began, he has successfully attained Black Belts in Eskrima, Pangamot Filipino Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo, Karate. He was also an amateur boxer, and he competed in amateur wrestling tournaments.

GM Cacoy Canete was awarded the very unique rank of 12th Degree Black Belt, and the certificate was signed by all of the Masters, and the Grand Masters belonging to the Internationally renowned ‘WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL’ committee.

This process began when Master Vince Palumbo, of Australia, wrote to GM Frank Sanchez who is the President of WHFSC organization, requesting whether the committee at the WHFSC could issue an accreditation and acknowledgment of GM Canete’s 80 years dedication as a martial artist, and to award him the Rank of 12th Degree Black Belt with International recognition amongst all the WHFSC affiliates.

Master Vince Palumbo of Australia , has been a student of Grand Master Cacoy Canete for the last 20 years, and he also holds four World Titles in Full Contact Stickfighting, and a Boxing World Title.

The presentation of this fine certificate was recently made at the Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima World Federation’s International Stickfighting Tournament which was held in Cebu City of the Philippines from the 24th- 26th November 2006.

The honorable presentation of this wonderful certificate was made by Master Vince Palumbo and Master Anthony Kleeman at the 2006 International Stickfighting Tournament. Many Masters and Grand Masters attended for the presentation of this certificate to GM Cacoy at the Cebu Sports Coliseum in front of a capacity crowd of spectators.

GM Cacoy Canete received a standing ovation from all of the people that were present during the awarding ceremony, and then there was an incredible silence as Master Vince Palumbo read out a letter on behalf of GM Frank Sanchez and all the committee of the WHFSC. The audience responded with a very loud applause!

Grand Master Cacoy Canete was then invited up on the stage to give a speech, and the very healthy 88 year old warrior of the martial arts gave thanks to GM Frank Sanchez and all of the WHFSC. There were delegates from Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Armenia, Poland and the Philippines that all competed at this International Stickfighting Tournament, and everyone was present at the award ceremony!

Submitted by Master Vince Palumbo


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