Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Letter of Appreciation for Tipunan sa Los Angeles 2006

Letter of Appreciation from Marc Lawrence Sent to Eskrima Digest
Reprinted with Permission from Marc Lawrence

On Saturday 9-17-06, my son and I attended the Tipunan (Gathering) sa (at) Los Angeles 2006 at the invitation of Jay de Leon. We thoroughly enjoyed the event. Roger Agbulos was the MC and he did a great job of keeping things running smooth and on time. That was real challenge knowing the crowd. Everybody wanted to keep Island time. We had what many would consider the best of the West Coast.

I liked every Master's presentation. I learned something from each one. Each had a real challenge to deliver, what they considered their best technique to agroup made up of people who were not from their system, in the space ofonly one hour! They all used a three step method of presentation. This being demonstration, explanation with demonstration, practice with a partner. This also made the group quickly mingle and become friends. The masters who presented also stayed after and then helped others as well as participated.

Some of the topics covered were use of the Pakal (short stick), knife & knife disarms, single stick footwork's, Espada y Daga drills, stick boxing, and double stick drills. I could tell that everybody did not want it to end at the end of the day.

My special thanks go out to Jay de Leon and Roger Agbulos for putting together this event for the West Coast Filipino Martial Arts Community.

Marc Lawrence
South Bay


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