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Are you considering training in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) or arnis, eskrima, or kali in the Philippines? Have you ever wanted to train with real FMA masters in the Philippines?

Have you dreamt of training with renowned Filipino masters of the blade, stick or empty hands like Yuli Romo, Roberto Presas, Diony Canete, Cristino Vasquez, Christopher Ricketts and many others? Have you ever wondered if there are still masters teaching the styles of Lightning Scientific Arnis, Tapado, Yaw-Yan, Modern Arnis, Doce Pares, Pekiti-Tirsia, Sikaran and others? Have you always wanted to train with direct line descendants of Tatang Ilustrisimo, Benjamin Luna-Lema, Remy Presas and other icons of Filipino Martial Arts?

Did you want to learn FMA in a resort setting, in a world-class resort with first class, state of the art training facilities? Did you want to train in or relax in sandy white beaches, pristine waters, sunset views and swaying coconut palms? Did you want to experience the best of Filipino culture, including food, music and entertainment?

Then look no more. Tipunan International offers all this and more. Tipunan International is the first full service company to offer FMA training in a fixed venue that is a world class resort.

Martial Arts Resort Venues

Next year, starting in Winter 2007, Tipunan International will commence its FMA martial resorts operations in its first location, Poro Point, located in the progressive town of San Fernando, La Union. Upon completion, Poro Point will boast of a five-star hotel, a business center and sports complex, a beach walk promenade and open air amphitheatre, an 18-hole championship golf course, a Las-Vegas franchised casino, and sandy white beaches.

Poro Point is five hours by coach and an hour’s plane ride from Manila. Countless tourist destinations are within a couple of hour’s ride, like Baguio (summer capital of the Philippines), Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, historic towns of Vigan and others in the Ilocos provinces, many new resorts in Bohol and Batangas, and many other tourist destinations.

The venues and program of activities are designed so you may have the guilty pleasure of training in Filipino Martial Arts and taking your significant other or family on an exotic vacation in an island paradise in the Philippines.

Other Tipunan International locations are either being built, negotiated or planned in Palawan, Bohol, Batangas, Zambales, Bacolod, and Cebu in the Philippines, Kona, Hawaii, in the USA, Australia and Puerto Rico.

Customized Training

We will customize your training. Whether as an individual or a homogeneous or disparate group, we will design your training in FMA appropriate to your skill level and experience.

You may be as specific or as general in your requirements. You may specify the style and level of training, and you may choose from a list of available instructors. You may specify the combative or sports aspect of FMA, or even a particular weapon training, such as the balisong, bankaw or sanggot, etc.

We do not sell ranks, promotions or certificates. But as a result of our customized programs, we will ensure that you get any appropriate rank, promotion or certificate attesting to the program you have completed. This will be signed and attested to by your supervising master, the governing council of his style, the appropriate Philippine government agency regulating FMA in the Philippines such as the Arnis Philippines, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) or the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), and the Director of Training for Tipunan International.

Remember that it is your new found skill, or increase in skill level, that will attest to your training, not a piece of paper or belt of cloth. In the olden days, the proof of the pudding was whether you could survive a bolo, knife or stick fight.

If you wish, you can have your current guro contact me, and he and I can work the specifics of your training. If he is a true FMA guro, he should be glad you want to train the Philippines, instead of feeling threatened. As a long-time guro in the United States, I have happily sent many of my students and peers packing for training in the Philippines.

Value Pricing

Tipunan International will offer multi-tiered pricing, to allow for customization of your program. It will range from Backpacker’s Specials, to Family Vacation Packages, to a Gambler’s Special, to an Elite Master’s Package.

Your comprehensive package pricing will include all lodging, meals, training, local transport to and from training, use of training weapons and safety equipment, agreed upon trips and entertainment, and applicable taxes.

I will personally guarantee you will get the most bang for your bucks.

Do not be herded into training camps in the Philippines, billeted in second-rate hotels or packed into dorms. Do not settle for generic, basic training conducted by low-level lakans (black belts). Be wary of your foreign guro making wholesale arrangements in the Philippines. That means there is a middle man involved, probably several of them.

Worse, do not be like Kwai Chang Caine of “Kung-Fu,” wandering the Philippine provinces and mountains looking for the proverbial master in the cave. Those days are long gone. Sure, that is adventurous, but it can also be dangerous and probably more expensive and counter-productive in the long run.

What makes me an expert on this?

I have had extensive training in both traditional and FMA in the Philippines and the United States. I have run several successful seminar groups in the United States. While living in the United States, I trained in FMA in the Philippines over a long period of time. I am both a martial artist and a businessman. I have many reliable martial arts and business contacts in the Philippines, USA and Europe.

I will personally handle the customization of your program, and I will try to accompany as many large groups as I can. I will be in the Philippines several months of the year, so there is a good chance I will see you there during your stay and be able to personally handle any potential problems.

If interested, please call or email me with the following particulars :
Desired dates
Number of people
Length of training
Type and level of training
Any other requirement.

I invite you to check out my resume’ and background in the websites cited below. I hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Jay de Leon
CEO, Tipunan International
Commissioner, International Modern Arnis Federation
of the Philippines (IMAFP)


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