Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Jay de Leon’s book about his experiences in Mindanao is now available. It is in e-book form titled “Mindanao Jottings.”

It is available at the online store at or

As an added bonus for a limited time, when you purchase this e-book you get another e-book titled “Philippine Odyssey 2006” which documents the 3rd World FMA Festival 2006 and other events of Jay de Leon’s trip to the Philippines, with about 200 original pictures.

For those not familiar with “Mindanao Jottings,” here is a blurb about the book.

“A few years out of college, Jay de Leon traded a corporate job as a junior executive in an American pharmaceutical firm in Makati, the Philippine commercial district, for the rough-and–tumble life of road construction work in rebel-infested Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

In “Mindanao Jottings,” Jay gives us a historical as well as a personal glimpse of those turbulent times in the 70’s. Interspersed are well-known events in Philippine history such as the declaration of Martial Law and the Christian versus Moslem armed conflicts of the times, with institutional problems such as graft and corruption and political violence, along with religious and social mores of the times involving love, sex and relationships.”

Any questions, please contact the author Jay de Leon at 951-834-3386.


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