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Master Vince Palumbo, 8th Grade Black Belt Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima and Stick Fighting World Champion, visits Jakarta, Indonesia

Master Vince Palumbo, one of the senior most ranked Australians within the world wide Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima World Federation (CDPEWF) Filipino stick fighting system of Arnis Eskrima, visited Jakarta, Indonesia during July 2006 to conduct a seminar on the system.Master Vince was invited to come to Jakarta by his fellow Cacoy Doce Pares EskrimaInstructor, Mr Glen Gardiner 5th Degree Black Belt, the brother of Martin Gardiner, who is a 7th Degree Black Belt in the system.

Master Palumbo conducted a week long seminar beginning on 5 July, and he taught the rudiments of Grand Master Cacoy Canete’s unique system of stick fighting.Master Palumbo is well qualified as a seminar instructor due to his training in numerous martial arts disciplines, and he has competed in over 200 ring fights to include boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo grappling, karate, and stick fighting for over thirty years!

A multiple world titleholder in this stick fighting art, Master Palumbo concentrated the seminar towards developing the club’s competition stickfighting abilities and technique. Seminar training consisted of two sessions a day consisting of two hours in the morning and three hours in the evening.The intensity of the sessions focused on match fitness and fight training, especially due to the taxing in the heat and humidity of Jakarta in Indonesia.Technique development was also structured as to enable maximum endurance and fitness development with the seminar focused on doing as much full contact sparring as possible.

The Jakarta club members had an opportunity to spar single and double stick with all the standard protective armor, as well as using just a single stick wearing only the headgear, gloves, elbow, and knee protection. As you'd expect in an intense training environment, the improvement in the participant’s skills were indeed very noticeable by the end of the week's seminar.Their desire to succeed coupled with Master Palumbo’s infectious enthusiasm and intense teaching style, empowered participants to overcome the challenges and great fears of the full contact fighting with either single or double sticks.

At the completion of the seminar Master Palumbo himself had fought well over 120, two-minute rounds with and without the protective sparring gear!For participants to include novices new to the art, the opportunity to familiarize them selves with the ring conditions while facing off against a multiple world title champion, was an honor and challenge in itself.Certainly this boosted the confidence of the participants and fostered an exceptional learning experience for all that participated in the week long seminar in Jakarta, and it was most impressive for a seminar instructor and fighter of Master Palumbo’s caliber, to see the eagerness of all participants, to actively participate while never declining or to be shying away from an opportunity to fight.

It was this fighting spirit that enabled them to overcome any aversions or uncertainties they may have had at the beginning of the seminar.When they finished, they all left the session knowing that they earned Master Palumbo's deepest respect for making the seminar a success by their enthusiasm, and for achieving a new found understanding of the basics in the Filipino Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima system of full contact stickfighting.

The Jakarta members of CACOY DOCE PARES ESKRIMA WORLD FEDERATION are planning to compete in the next CDPEWF World Title competition scheduled for Cebu City in the Philippines during November 24th, 25th and 26th in 2006.The club is relatively new having just been established in January 2006, with the majority of the members also being new to the concept of Filipino stick fighting.

The timing of Master Palumbo’s visit was coordinated to boost the club's ability to focus on match fitness and ring technique as well as the competitive reality of full contact stick fighting.In their remaining time before going to Cebu, these men and women will concentrate on perfecting fitness, technique and perfecting al of their own competitive skills that were learned during Master Palumbo’s week long visit.

Master Palumbo intends on returning to Jakarta early in November 2006, immediately prior to the upcoming World Title competition.His own team of stickfighters, coming from his home base in Adelaide, South Australia will accompany him there. Both teams will train together for approximately one week before departing for Cebu, where competition will be held from 24-26 November 2006.

Yours Faithfully,
Master Glen Gardiner 5th Degree Black BeltCacoy Doce Pares Eskrima and Martial Arts.


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