Friday, January 26, 2007


From Filipino Martial Arts guro and Tipunan International seminar instructor Dr. Jerome Barber :

Hello to All,
I will be conducting a "Double Stick Seminar: Drills, Translations and Self Defense Applications" on Saturday, Mach 24, 2007 from 3 - 6pm at Erie Community College - South Campus, 4041 Southwestern Blvd., Orchard Park, NY 14127. The seminar site will be the Campus Gymnasium - Building 6. The fee structure is $39 if paid before Wednesday, March 21 and $49 at the door.
The seminar instruction will cover the "Redonda" and "Double Sinawali" drills, the translations of these double stick drills to empty hands and finally how these drills can be adapted to empty hand self-defense applications against hand strikes, blunt instrument as well as knife attacks.
This seminar is open to ALL martial arts stylists! It is not necessary for the attendees to have any previous training with any type of weapons prior to attending this seminar. For those people who already have experience/training with stick(s) and/or the double stick drills (Redonda & Double Sinawali), I will teach you how to use the 2 drills in a combative manner against both single and double stick attacks as well as the empty hand self defense applications.
Advance payments should be payable to: Dr. Jerome Barber and mailed to: Dr. Jerome Barber, Suite 230 5999 South Park Avenue Hamburg, NY 14075.
Mr. Keith Roosa will be selling his handmade wooden training knives, bolos, swords, kris and espada y daga sets at the seminar. All of Guro Roosa's training tools are made from exotic hardwoods are based on original designs that are found in the Philippines and Indonesia. Depending on the weapon selected, woods used and time required for manufacture, Guro Roosa will be charging $35 - $110 per item or set. You can contact Guro Roosa in advance to check out his photo array of available items at:
Sincerely, Jerome Barber, Ed.D.
Director and Principal Instructor, Independent Escrima-Kenpo-Arnis Associates
Black Belt 6th Degree: Panci-Panci Eskrima (AMAA) & ISSD Kenpo-Goshin Jutsu


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