Saturday, May 27, 2006


Congratulations to Tipunan International associate GM Bernardo Salinas of Canada for a successful seminar and training in the Philippines, and to Master Vic Ferrer for his promotion to 7th Dan in Sikaran style conferred in the Philippines.

Below is GM Salinas own report on his ground-breaking trip to the Philippines with fellow Canadian FMA artists.

In April of this year an entourage of Martial artists from Western Canada arrived in the Philippines to accomplish personal goals in their art. After five weeks of hard work and intensive training in the humid summer heat with temperatures reaching 130F, the group returned home to share their stories of this amazing adventure.

Master Vic Ferrer of Saskatchewan

Master Vic Ferrer of Saskatchewan, a 6th Degree Blackbelt in the Filipino Martial Art of Sikaran, met with his mentor Grandmaster Geronimo to discuss his ideas and suggestions regarding their organization and made a documentary of his experiences. Master Ferrer returned to Canada with his 7th Dan in Sikaran Filipino Martial Arts. Congratulations on a job well done, Master Ferrer.


For Robert McGuire and Andrea Morrow, both from Fort St. John, BC, this was their first trip to the Philippines. It will not be their last. They accompanied their grandmaster Bernardo Fabia Salinas to further their training in Karate and Arnis Filipino Martial Arts. Congratulations to Robert for achieving his 2nd degree (Nidan) promotion in Karate and Practitioner Level VI in Arnis. Congratulations to Andrea for attaining her Brown belt in Karate and Practitioner level IV in Arnis.

Philippine Seminar

Grandmaster Salinas, assisted by his students, hosted an Arnis Filipino Martial Arts seminar in Binalonan, Pangasinan. The seminar was a great success, with 108 participants in attendance including municipal officials, members from the SK Federation, Barangay Council, local police and Philippine National Police. Many people helped to make this seminar a success.

Grandmaster Salinas would like to extend his appreciation and thanks to Grandmaster Flaviano F. Cabuang of the Martial Arts Training Society for sharing his time and extensive knowledge.

Thank you also to Mert Altares, who came from Saudi Arabia to participate in this event and to train with GM Salinas. Altares received a certificate of training for his dedication and attentive study in Filipino Martial Arts. Grandmaster Salinas would like to express his gratitude to Councilor Atty. Francis Villarin Tinio for his hard work in organizing this event, and to Honorable Ramon N. Guico, Mayor of Binalonan, for his outstanding leadership.

Grandmaster Bernardo Fabia Salinas


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