Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So you have decided to go to the FMA Festival 2006 in Manila, the Philippines this July, sponsored by the International Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines (IMAFP), . Congratulations! You will learn a lot of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), you will meet scores of interesting and exciting like-minded people, you will see many spectacular sights, and experience amazing cultural events enough to last you a lifetime, or until your next trip to the Philippines anyway.

Just like any event, you need to be dressed appropriately. Leave your Homer Simpson or Ashley Simpson T-shirts at home. Your FMA school T-shirt is not a bad idea, or even a generic FMA shirt. You may even wear an old FMA shirt from another seminar a couple of years ago.

But to really stand out in the crowd and look stylin’, wear a unique, event T-shirt. Wear a T-shirt that is officially approved by the FMA Festival. In addition to owning a good-looking shirt, you will be helping the FMA Festival since part of the proceeds will go to the Festival. Other stylish apparel with the event logo are also available, like golf shirts and rain jackets (a must at this time of the year in the Philippines).

To order, go to the online store at .

Too busy to attend the Philippine FMA Festival this year? Well, maybe next year. In the meantime, you can still purchase a couple of these items, wear them to other seminars and have your friends think you actually went to the Festival. Psst, your purchase is confidential.


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