Monday, March 13, 2006


The Middle East Chapter of the International Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines (IMAFP) recently concluded its first Modern Arnis tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Sponsored and presided over by Master Godofredo Fajardo, IMAFP Commissioner for the Middle East, the well-attended tourney was held at the facilities of Riyadh International School (RIS) on March 3, 2006.

It was a highly successful and well-attended event. Several martial arts club fielded more than sixty competitors, representing many nationalities including Americans. The following major martial arts groups, coming mostly from Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh, competed in the tournament :

1. Lapunti de Abanico

2. Jetkido Arnis

3. Jeetkunedo Arnis

4. Counter-Force Arnis

5. Panthers Martial Arts Federation (PMAF)

6. Filipino Fighting Arts Int’l, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (FFAI-KSA)

The following are the results of the competition.

Forms (Anyo) Competition

Champion, Adults – Gil Cabual

1st Place – Hassan Yahya, Lapunti

2nd Place – Abdulah Aljahany and Nathan Walker, FFAI

Champion, Children – Munin , PMAF

Mano-Mano Competition

Champion – Alexis Mauri P. Galye, Jetkido

5’1” – 5’2” Category

Champion -Herry Jiapno, Jetkido

1st Place -Mohamad Motairi, Jeetkunedo

2nd Place - Jessi Barrion, Lapunti

5’3” – 5’4” Category

Champion – Lito Padios, Lapunti

1st Place – Larry Velasco, Jeetkunedo

2nd PlaceArnold Mercado, CounterForce and Adul Hadi, FFAI

5’5” – 5’6” Category

Champion – Dexter Faeldo, PMAF

1st Place – Abrogar Emy, PMAF

2nd Place – Amado Mistos, PMAF

3rd Place – Al Houti, FFAI

5’7’ – 5’8” Category

Champion – Rodolfo Templo, Jetkido

1st Place – Nathan Walker, FFAI

2nd Place – Japer Albwardi – FFAI

5’9” – 5’10” Category

Champion - Glen Imaun, Jetkido

1st Place – Musa Hindi, Jetkido

2nd Place – Hassan Yayah, Lapunti and Salman Almotairi, FFAI

5’11” – 6’2” Category

Champion – Fahad Alrauf, Jeetkunedo

1st Place – Justo Villarobin, Jetkido

2nd Place – Jerry McDonald, FFAI

Team Championships

Champion – Jetkido Arnis Club

1st Place – Filipino Fighting Arts Int’l (FFAI)

2nd Place – Arnis Lapunti de Abanico

Best Referee – Mr. Antonio, Jr., PMAF

Best Leadership Instructor Award – Mohammed Issa Al Issa, FFAI

Master Godofredo Fajardo praised all the participating clubs and competitors for the spirited and high-level competition, and thanked IMAF-KSA President guro Ghazzi Al-Turaifi as well as other organizers and volunteers of the event. Already, plans are being formulated for next year’s event.


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