Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Buffalo Martial Arts Summit will be held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Downtown Buffalo, NY, on Saturday, July 8 and Sunday, July 9, 2006. The Summit will be open to all martial artists.

The ‘Summit’ will feature a cross-training approach to the arts and the sessions will be taught by highly experienced master level teachers:

Master Roger Agbulos - Lameco Eskrima
Punong Guro Tom Bolden - American Modern Arnis
Sensei John Borter - Modern Ju-Jitsu
Sifu Daniel Donzella - Liu Seong Combat Arts
Punong Guro Steven K. Dowd - Arnis Balite
Shihan Rudy Duncan - Karazenpo Shaolin Kempo
Dr. Stanford McNeil - Kifaru Jitsu
Sensei Steven J. Pearlman - Genri Ryu Life Protection Arts
Master Sultan Uddin - International Serrada Eskrima

The seminars will focus on exploration, discovery, cooperation, networking, friendship, and team building.

Saturday will feature 5 training time brackets of 60 to 75 minutes apiece with dual presentations simultaneously occurring in separate rooms. The Sunday program will consist of 3 training time brackets with two or three instructors working in a side-by-side comparative seminar, showing different responses to some common assault scenarios.

The 2 day cost for the seminars is $99 paid in advance and $130 at the door.

For more information you can contact Dr. Jerome Barber, the BMAS Coordinator via e-mail at .


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